Five best anime you should watch in 2024

These are our top selections for anime, ranging from well-liked series to cult favourites.

Five best anime you should watch in 2024

If you ask 20 different people what their favourite anime is, you will likely get 20 different answers. Because there is such a large and diverse collection of content, identifying the best series might be difficult.

Despite its increasing popularity, anime may be extremely overwhelming. So, where do you begin? Which anime is the finest in reality? Actually, it is completely up to you. You know, it's not all demon-slaying and massive swords. We've provided you with a basic bundle of essentials to get you started, allowing you to experiment and explore other genres.

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So, in addition to offering a fantastic illustration of what makes anime so amazing, our list of the greatest anime to enjoy in 2024 offers you the opportunity to expand your horizons.

The top five anime series that we think you should watch right now are listed below; they range from contemporary blockbusters to '90s masterpieces that influenced some of the greatest stars in Hollywood. Shonen, slice of life, plus science fiction are all well-represented here, and we've also namechecked some more recent 2024 series and paid homage to some of our all-time faves. All set? Now is the perfect moment to start viewing the greatest anime available on Netflix.

Five best anime to  Watch in 2024

Fullmetal Alchemist

A Homunculus represents a synthetic human that was most likely made by alchemical means. Even though the concept of the Homunculus was widely accepted and accepted by the alchemists in Amestris, it is today considered to be little more than a joke or distant daydream because no alchemist, or group of alchemists, has ever succeeded in constructing a being of that kind in history as it has been officially documented.

But behind closed doors, not one, but multiple of those creatures have been formed in dark, occult secrecy. The primary enemies of the Fullmetal Alchemist series are these Homunculi, who have been named on the seven deadly sins. All of these characters bear the Ouroboros mark on their bodies.

Hunter × Hunter

The Japanese manga series "Hunter Hunter" was created as well as drawn by Yoshihiro Togashi. Since March 16, 1998, the manga has been released throughout Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine, though since 2006, there have been many prolonged hiatuses. As of November 2022, Shueisha in Japan had assembled 400 chapters into 37 tankōbon volumes, or chapter collections. The story revolves around a young child named Gon Freecss who finds out the truth about his dad, who he was taught had abandoned him when he was a young child, is actually a world-famous hunter. Hunters are licensed professionals who specialise in a variety of fantastic activities, including but not limited to finding rare or unknown species of animals, treasure hunting, exploring uncharted enclaves, or tracking down lawbreakers. 

Gon sets out on a quest to continue in his steps, pass the demanding Hunter Exam, and ultimately track down his father despite the fact that he was abandoned by him. Along the journey, Gon experiences the paranormal and meets a variety of different Hunters, including Kurapika then, Leorio, and Killua, the primary cast members. Togashi's personal collection hobby served as the manga's initial source of inspiration.

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Fighting Spirit

Hajime no Ippo tells the story of Ippo Makunouchi who starts his boxing career in an attempt to provide a straightforward response to the question, "What does it mean to be powerful?" From that point forward, he developed a rivalry with boxers with names like Ichiro , Takeshi , and Ryo , in addition to a fraternal friendship with others such as Takamura, Masaru , and Tatsuya was Kimura, as well as a deep admiration for his instructor, Genji Kamogawa, whom he hopes to honour for his champion success.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Yuji Itadori was a track and field prodigy. But he's content as a clam at the Occult Research Club, and he has no interest in going in circles. Even though he simply goes to the club just kicks, when an authentic spirit shows up at school, things get serious!

On his deathbed, Yuji promises his grandfather that, in contrast to his grandfather, he will carry out good deeds to ensure that he passes away surrounded by loved ones.

But Yuji's life suddenly changes when he meets Megumi Fushiguro, a sorcerer skilled in jujutsu who is out to get a cursed object. Things take a bad turn when Yuji's pals open the cursed relic they found, and the ensuing cursed spirits begin to prowl the campus. After Yuji consumes the cursed item and obtains its power, one of the spirits nearly defeats Fushiguro and Yuji. Yuji is thus cursed by the item and drawn into Fushiguro's exciting realm of cursed spirits and jujutsu sorcerers.

kaiju no 8

The 32-year-old Kafka Hibino is not happy in his position as a sweeper. He had always wanted to enlist as a member of the Defense Corps & become a professional killer of kaijuus. But after a few missed opportunities, he gave up on his goals and accepted the mediocrity that came with a respectable salary. Nevertheless, Kafka becomes aware of his ambition to enlist in the military once more when an aspirational 18-year-old rookie called Leno Ichikawa recruits his cleaning crew.

After experiencing a series of unpleasant events and interacting with a junior sweeper, Kafka comes across a parasite-type kaijuu which enters through his mouth and transforms him into a monstrous humanoid. Kafka wants to try one last time at his cherished ambition with his newly acquired powers.

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