Things We Should know About Re-Monster

Kogitsune Kanekiru created the Japanese light novel series Re:Monster, which was illustrated by Yamaada . From May 2011 until 2018, it was serialised on Shōsetsuka ni Narō, a user-generated novel publishing website. It was eventually bought by AlphaPolis, which released nine main volumes, an extra story book, and an additional edition from August 2012 to August 2017. Since March 2014, AlphaPolis has serialised a manga version containing art by Haruyoshi Kobayakawa, which was later bundled in 11 tankōbon volumes.

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The manga was licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment in North America. AlphaPolis began publishing a sequel light novel series, Re:Monster: Ankoku Tairiku-hen, written by Kanekiru and drawn by Naji Yanagida, in July 2018, with four volumes already released. Studio Deen produced an animated television series adaptation, which aired in April 2024.

Character Plots

Gobrou was previously a human named Tomokui Kanata, who was stabbed to death by a lady in the middle of a future city. He is resurrected in the form of a bald-headed green-skinned goblin newborn and granted the name “Gobrou”. However, he keeps his level of intelligence (which is higher than that of most goblins), memories of his previous existence, and the ability to soak up the characteristics of everything he consumes. He eventually grows into a Hobgoblin (perhaps the adult version of goblins; their bodies are not only larger, faster, and stronger, but they also have hair). 

Things We Should know About Re-Monster

Although Gobrou impregnated his women around the same time, their deliveries occurred at random, with their bodies quickly adapting to the third trimester stage. Because they are unable to deliver properly, all of the births must be C-sections (performed by him because only Gobrou possesses medical knowledge).

Gobkichi was Gobrou's brooding brother. Despite being bigger than Gobrou, he respects Gobrou's knowledge and is a dedicated follower. He, too, transforms into a Hobgoblin with the assistance of Gobrou. He finally transforms into a Minotaur, which inconveniences him because his large frame is unsuitable to his mate E.

Gobmi, A female goblin (male goblins are bald, whereas female goblins possess hair). She forms a hunting trio alongside Gobrou and Gobkuichi but she devoted herself to Gobrou. Later, she transforms into a Hobgoblin. She's Gobrou's only wife in the tribe, and she is growing towards the more powerful vampire species.

Gobe, often known as "E". She's Gobkichi's mate who works on the tribe's mining squad. Kichi's transformation into a Minotaur made it impossible for the two to be close without worry about E being wounded; however, this reversed when she evolved into a similarly enormous Earth Lord.

Anime Adaptation

On September 19, 2023, Studio Deen announced a television anime adaption, which will be produced by Genco. Takayuki Inagaki directs the series, while Hiroshi Yamaguchi handles series writing, Junichi Takaoka designs each character, and Go Sakabe composes the soundtrack. It debuted on April 4, 2024, over Tokyo MX along with additional platforms. The opening theme music is "Into the Fire" played by Chansung whereas AK-69 feat. Chang Min, and the concluding title song was "Sadame" (運命, "Fate") performed by Everdream. The series is licensed by Crunchyroll. Muse Communications licensed the series for Southeast Asia as well as South Asia.

About Story Arcs 

Re:Monster's story is told through a journal format. Each day begins at midnight and chronicles the events of the day through the point of view of the primary character, Tomokui Kanata, who has been reincarnated as Rou.

He encounters a variety of personalities, and there are occasionally side stories published from the perspectives of those characters concerning significant occurrences.

Rou is lazy and dislikes giving unnecessary information, so these side stories can be extremely refreshing.

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Goblin Life

The main character comes to awareness by remembering the final moment of his previous life. He had purchased some drinks and on his way home, he encountered a girl whom he treated like a niece. She quickly stabbed him multiple times, and he clearly remembers dying. Yet, he now wakes his eyes to see an ugly green old guy staring back at him, as well as little green, ugly babies all around him, and he realises that his own palms are also green and tiny. He concludes believes he, like the elderly gentleman who gave the primary protagonist his given name Rou, belongs to the Goblin. He subsequently spent the remainder of the day resting, as any infant should.

The Elves' war

The next day after his sleep with the females, Kichi wakes him up and notifies him of some elf at the entryway. Goblin Rou encounters the foolish elf and his two allies, Kirue and Arue, whose attempt to enlist him as well as his goblins clan to their military in the war against humans. Rou refuses, and the foolish elf chooses to vent his displeasure by attempting to attack Rou. Rou swiftly disarms him, along with the elite squad hiding in the nearby brush, and decides to frighten them off a little. They fled in horror, so Rou passed the next few days quietly, even learning an extremely important slime ability called self duplication. 

Unfortunately, only a couple of days afterwards, Rou's sense presence finds the dumb elf, and his team returns with a vengeance, their bloodlust erupting. Rou decides to fight back by having the Leisure squad continue working while everybody else waits for an ambush. Once the elves show up, Rou swiftly catches them with his threads and questions them about their ignorance. After listening and identifying the aids' narrative of how he persisted on returning to "restore his honor," he chooses to take pity on the elves and provides them with a means of survival.

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