A Review for Vinland Saga Deluxe Edition Manga

As the name implies, Vinland Saga is a Japanese historical manga, which takes you on an amazing journey, with each chapter immersing you more and more in the plot. It is an authentic tale about the Vikings, which is delivered in an artful, emotive, and impactful manner, and it provides a lot of insight into the hardships and challenges faced by the people who lived in this world through the viewpoint of our main character Thorfinn.

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Makoto Yukimura's writing and art creations bring you back to this time period as you read the Vinland Saga. Character development is another of Vinland Saga's strong points. Many of the characters in the Vinland Saga have strong goals, which makes them interesting.So, while it is a Viking-themed story with plenty of blood, gore, and battles, it also has content. It's among the best shounen manga of all time, and I highly suggest it, but how do you collect it?

A Review for Vinland Saga Deluxe Edition

Vinland Saga with English translation is currently available from Kodansha in two different forms: the original 2-in-1 hardcovers and the Deluxe Editions. The original versions are 2-in-1 hardcovers, whereas the Deluxe Editions are 3-in-1. 

With 13 2-in-1s issued as of this currently, totaling 26 volumes, with the series still ongoing, it is unclear how many volumes and Deluxe Editions will be released. In this post, I provide an in-depth assessment of the Vinland Saga Deluxe Editions, covering everything from price to quality and design, and also how they compare to Kodansha's 2-in-1 hardcovers and other high-quality hardcover manga releases.

Price For This Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Editions cost about $54.99 each. The original hardcovers, on the other hand, are more reasonably priced at $19.99 apiece. Considering that the Deluxe Editions are an expensive item with extra content, this price difference makes sense. But each volume of the Vinland Saga costs almost twice as much when purchased as one of original Deluxe Editions as it cost when the 2-in-1 hardcovers were first released. In comparison, the Berserk Deluxe Editions, which are a similar version, are slightly cheaper at $49.99.

With that in mind, I think they are a little costly, but considering that these larger formats are frequently included in manga bundles, I would anticipate these to drop in price as time passes, in addition to they do include particular information and additional content, which will be talked about below, that explain a higher price.

Release Schedule For This

According to recognized manga merchants, Vinland Saga Deluxe Editions will be provided every two months or so. Of course, delays are possible, but it appears that things will be released very fast.

Print Quality and Readability For This

The print quality and readability of the Vinland Saga manga versions change significantly between the Deluxe versions and the original 2-in-1 hardcovers. The Deluxe Editions are printed on fine white paper that has a smooth texture, similar to that of other high-end premium books like the Dark Horse Deluxe Editions. Better contrast, crisper details, plus deeper blacks are all made possible by the premium quality paper. In addition to having outstanding print quality, the bigger format Deluxe Editions involve Makoto Yukimura's art in greater detail than the 2-in-1 hardcovers.

In terms of readability, they feature square spines and are bound with a stitched binding, which increases their durability and makes them more durable during long reading periods than editions with glued spines, such as the Attack on Titan Colossal Editions. But rounder spines, like those are found in other palatial manga collections like the Berserk Palatial Editions, seem to lay unshut more easily, which makes for a more comfortable to read.

In spite of this, the Deluxe Editions' superior construction and bigger text make for outstanding readability, however the weight of them compels people to read on an unappealing surface. Although the original 2-in-1 hardcovers are printed on lower-quality off-white paper than the Deluxe Editions, they nonetheless provide an enjoyable reading experience. They similarly feature sewn bindings, but the spines are somewhat rounded. They are lighter and easier to hold, making them ideal for folks who love to read while on the go.

While margin loss occurs in both editions, particularly in two-page spreads, it is less noticeable in the Deluxe Editions due to their bigger format. That being said, if you want an edition with higher print and page quality, as well as a more premium design, the Deluxe Editions are your best option. However, if you value portability and convenience of use, the original 2-in-1 hardcovers might not be for you.


Indeed, they are. Like many others, I assumed I'd stick with the original hardcovers, but after having the first Deluxe Edition in my hands, digging into its pages, and admiring all of its features and print quality, I'm switching to the Deluxe Editions. These represent the editions to consider for those who want the finest page/print quality and extras, as well as premium or bigger format publications. I had my concerns, but they are a lovely release, and if this is the route Kodansha is taking with its hardcover releases, I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.

They produced the Akira hardcovers, so I knew they could produce high-quality hardcovers, but this is their first foray into pleather-bound Deluxe Edition releases, and I'm quite pleased with the results. However, the original 2-in-1 hardcovers are still fantastic and more pleasant to read. They are also the most cost-effective option to collect the series. The paper and print quality may not be as high as the Deluxe Editions, but they are still respectable. I like the design of the covers, and they're cheaper than other ways to collect the series.

Though each has benefits and drawbacks, maybe this helps you identify which version is best for you. Either way, you should read one of the heavier manga that I've seen a lot.

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